Our Investment Strategy

Our overall investment strategy is easy to describe. We strategically purchase key, undervalued properties; then we improve and manage them to quickly become not only exceptional assets, but also a desirable place to live.

This gives our investors two things: continual income from rents, and a stable asset that holds value regardless of external economic factors.

Add in the tax advantages (such as passive income treatment, targeted depreciation deductions,  and Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges), and you can see why a great percentage of wealthy people participate in real estate investment.

If you can get in (because this type of investment is open to accredited investors only), it’s the place to be.


“Syndicated Multifamily Investing is, in my opinion, the safest high-yield investment opportunity available. Add in the tax benefits, and it’s clear why accredited investors utilize it. If you are able to get in, you definitely should.”

-Julie Fagan
Co-Owner, Patriot Capital Investors

In addition to the exceptionally low-risk, above-average return potential, and tax advantages, our investors also enjoy a decidedly hands-off investment experience. We handle all property issues, send quarterly newsletters, and have all financials and tax information ready when needed.

Our Process

1. Property Research and Acquisition

We work in specific markets and target properties that meet our strict criteria. This ensures there are no overlooked factors that affect property value. We buy properties that we feel are strong-yet-undervalued assets.

2. Property Improvement and Repositioning

We strategically improve properties, both in actual property condition and municipal perception. Depending on appraisals and market, we may refinance afterwards if advantageous.

3. Management and Investor Cash Flow

Our property management team handles all property issues, while our investors enjoy consistent and continual passive income cash flow, as well as the tax benefits inherent with multifamily investment.

4. Exit Strategy for Maximum Return

Every deal has an exit strategy designed to meet or exceed investor return expectations. This may include sale or refinance, property transition, or similar.  And then the process starts over with every new acquisition.

Important Note: Patriot REI is monetarily invested in all deals as well.

Are you an accredited investor and interested in participating in our next deal?